Since then I got into this creative activity with increasing enthusiasm.

I started shooting people on Gothic-festivals (Amphi-Festival in Cologne, Blackfield-Festival in Gelsenkirchen and the Wave-Gotik-Meeting in Leipzig).


Through workshops and „autodidactic trial and error” I got more and more involved with people-photography besides my commercial regular occupation (one needs to live on something, finally) because I consider this to be the most eclectic and thrilling category in photography.

Through festival-photography I was lucky to inspire Jana to this occupation und since then she is around to help with words and deeds and her own photographies at such occasions.

She is also available to me on organised shootings and assisting in „customer care”, lighting etc.


I’m always looking for interesting shootings that of course may be somehow fancy.


I prefer shootings with gothic-style and related styles (Fetish, Zombie, Rockabilly, Cosplay etc.).


Photography is a hobby of mine, i.e. it’s not about making money.


I generally do shootings on tfp-basis. If I’m specifically interested in you one can negotiate a PAY-shooting.


Whether tfp or PAY: organised shootings will only be done with contract (model-release).


Both, outdoor and indoor (also with a studio to be rented) is possible.

Doing a tfp-shooting, arising expenses will be divided among the participants in equal shares; I think that’s just fair for both sides.


Got your own ideas and conception? No problem! Of course we can discuss them upfront, then we will find the shooting no trouble.


If you want a companion of yours to join the session, then this won’t be a problem either (I’d only be happy if you would tell me before...)


What you can expect from me:

- time to discuss and plan things with you upfront

- reliability and adherence to schedules

- creativity

- seriousness


What I’d desire from you:

- reliability and adherence to schedules (it’s not that nice when the model doesn’t show up at

  the date stipulated)

- seriousness

- joy at shooting

- your own creative ideas

- high spirits (even then when the shooting may become exhausting)

- guts (depending on the kind of pictures to be shot)


If this all hasn’t deterred you yet and you’re interested in a shooting with me, you may contact me via the contact-data in the imprint.


Just ask, I won’t bite ... mostly, at least .... ;-)


Regards from Duesseldorf





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I'm Patrick, born in 1974 in Trier.

With a detour via Frankfurt/Main and Neuss I finally touched down in lovely Duesseldorf, a city in which I have settled well since then.

I've been shooting photos since my early days, at that time with an analogue Minolta X-300.


As the years passed my hobby photography kind of doze off, but when good DSLRS entered the market at reasonable prices (around 2008) the fire started burning anew.